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Veil Details with W Collective

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? We're into week 5, or is it 6 of lockdown? I honestly didn't plan many blogs past May because I thought 'maybe it'll be back to normal by then', so to say I'm now winging it with my content is an understatement.

I have phases of being really productive, then super lazy. But I'm trying not to beat myself up over things, and just take each day as it comes. I think the world is anxious enough without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Sometimes it's ok if all you did in a day was breathe.

On my productive days, my new favourite past time is making IGTV videos. Now I don't know if they're much good, but it's all about having a go isn't it? I asked on my Insta Stories what kind of things you'd like to see, and someone suggested close up looks at some different veils and details.

I do love this idea, as the veils translate differently in video form and it gives you more of an insight than a photograph can. I chose a selection of best sellers to showcase, so I hope you enjoy! If you're looking for alternative veil ideas, this post is for you.

Featured Veils:

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