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Turning Two...

I've been really excited to write this blog for a while. Today marks our 2nd birthday. I mark the business birthday as the day of our debut shoot that we did in sunny Majorca. I say we - I mean me and my fiancé (now husband) - the joys of a start up business & working mostly by yourself! I packed a load of veils & capes, got up at the crack of dawn and headed to a secluded Alcudia beach with a camera & a vision. The outcome set the tone for the ethos of the whole business, and whenever I feel lost I just come right back to these pictures to remind me of my brand vision.

I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing my business grow over the last two years. I've been juggling my business alongside working as a lecturer part time, and for the last 2 years I studied a Masters part time too. It really is all about spinning plates but I wouldn't have it any other way. I completed my MA in October 2018 and was looking forward to freeing some time up, but undoubtedly I've already managed to fill that time - I'm not sure what with!

Most recently I've noticed an increase in engagement and activity. This has lead to new stockists, new products and new collaborations. I'm really looking forward to seeing how my current plans come to life - I've been trying hard to get out there organically through making genuine and meaningful connections within this industry, so lovely brides-to-be find it easier to find me!

I've worked on some amazing editorial shoots over the last two years, along with some amazing alternative brides. I don't think I've ever made the same veil twice still - showing how unique and individual my brides truly are. I started up a business in this industry as I couldn't find a veil or accessories that I felt were particularly 'me', so it's been reassuring and wonderful to see women getting on board with my business and understanding the niche for bespoke veils.

So what's next? I'm constantly thinking about new products and ideas for shoots, and looking for new, like-minded businesses to collaborate with. The biggest goal would be to have my own store eventually, so I could actually meet my brides in person! Thanks to those who have supported me so far in one way or another, it really means a lot as a start-up to have a support system as it can be isolating at times. So here's to the next two years, I wonder what they will hold?

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