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Styled Shoot: Shropshire Petals

Let's take it back to sunnier times (January can be rather blue, can't it?) and reminisce about this glorious collaborative styled shoot with Gemma Webster Photography & her silk accessory brand Finches GB. We shot in the awe-inspiring flower fields at Shropshire Petals in Newport, where their confetti is home grown, hand picked and biodegradable. I adore working with fellow Shropshire wedding suppliers - we have quite a thriving little industry growing in this gorgeous part of the world.

Inspired by the vivid colours of the summer crop, I took my most fun, colour pop ombre veils (such as this bespoke aqua ombre style) and we had endless fun running though the fields of fabulous florals (which smelt amazing, by the way).

Gemma brought along her handmade silk scarves, featuring digital prints of her photography - the perfect bespoke gift that could be worn as a neck tie or pocket square.

The vivid, rich tones of the flowers speak for themselves, tying in with Gemma's bold printed silks and our hand dyed ombre fuchsia veil.

The unpredictable British summertime offered us a mixed bag on the weather front, although we managed to miss any showers, the skies made for a striking contrast to the pastel tones of the delphinium field, and the breeze allowed our high-low cape to flow in the wind.

Summer really does seem like a distant memory doesn't it? If you have a flower field nearby I definitely recommend it for wedding or engagement photo shoots, it's an effortlessly stunning backdrop that showcases the British countryside at it's finest.

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