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Make It Personal with Harriett & Joel

We caught up with Lauren, founder of Harriett and Joel to discuss how brides are retraditionalising to create their own unique day. Harriett and Joel creates alternative and individual stationery and styling. They offer a bespoke stationery service and run a styling service too, working with florists and suppliers to create unique centrepieces and wedding decor.

Why did you start up a business in this industry?

I started Harriett and Joel in June 2017. I had worked in the ‘traditional’ wedding stationery industry for over three years, but didn’t feel like the work I was producing was very ‘me’. It didn’t reflect the beliefs/ideas I had about what a wedding should be. For me, a wedding shouldn’t adhere to any rules, but it should reflect you, your style and your personality. In May 2017 I had got engaged, and when I began to look at wedding inspiration I couldn’t find any stationers that were very different. I decided to combine my previous experience in the wedding industry with my passion for design/typography - and Harriett and Joel was born!

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

I would say being true to yourself. I’m inspired by brides who don’t get swept up in what they feel they should be doing, and stick to what they WANT to do.

Who is your customer? What are their values?

I would say my customer is someone who is looking for an alternative to a big fairytale wedding. They will put their own spin on tradition. Since working with the ‘alternative’ bride, I’ve found that they all have very similar values - love, friendship and family are all important! They don’t feel that their wedding must be expensive - but they do want it to reflect their personality.

What do you think are the priorities for the contemporary bride?

Making sure their guests are happy! Every bride I’ve worked with since starting Harriett and Joel has said that they are happy if their guests are happy.

What do you think are key influences on the millennial bride?

Friends and family! I think that even the most headstrong bride can be influenced by their friends and family. With regards to looking for inspiration/ideas, I would say that Pinterest and Instagram have a huge influence and offer endless inspiration.

What are your predictions for the coming wedding season?

I would say the ‘laid back’ wedding is definitely a trend this year (bbq’s and pizza ovens, rather than a sit down meal / a party type atmosphere rather than a traditional wedding reception / either no bridesmaids or encouraging bridesmaids to wear what they want). I think eucalyptus will be a big trend this year especially for the rustic wedding. Ultraviolet is bound to make a huge appearance (as it’s the Pantone colour of the year) - but I’m interested to see how this will be interpreted.

What is the role of social media in wedding planning?

Personally, I think social media has replaced the role of the ‘wedding fayre’. I have been planning my own wedding, and so far I haven’t been to one wedding fair - but don’t really have anything left to sort/organise! Not only are platforms like instagram/pinterest very visual, but they are also accessible 24/7 - meaning wedding planning can be done whenever you like. I also think it’s so much easier to find exactly what you want (through the use of hashtags etc).

Do you have a client who stands out to you who planned a truly individualised wedding day?

All of the wedding stationery I have created since starting Harriett and Joel has been completely different - which I love. The most unique Wedding Invitations I have created so far were sent from the couples dog! So she invited the guests, and the guests RSVP’d to Charlie.

For all of your bespoke stationery needs, check out @harriettandjoel

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