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Into The Woods

We interrupt our usual pastel aesthetic to momentarily join the dark side...

I know I have a strong, mostly pink, brand which is very fluffy and sparkly, but for this shoot I thought it was time to go for an altogether more alternative vibe, as I know I have some wonderfully witchy customers and followers who prefer a darker palette. I've been making more autumnal veils lately thanks to my brides getting in touch and opting for darker hues, and I've really enjoyed exploring with black tulle and purple dip dyes and making it still feminine and fun. So to celebrate my new styles, we took to the woods (along with a giant MDF crescent moon!) and captured some shots to bring a different feel to our usual ethos.

Here's beautiful Rosie in our Black Drop Crystal Veil.

So what do you think, alternative brides? Will you being going for a unique wedding veil to complete your look? With black tulle, ombre veils, embellished details or embroidery, the options are endless. I think veils are such an inventive way to inject some personality into your wedding day look, and they're a far cry from boring and outdated. The great veil resurgence is upon us - find your dream bespoke veil here at

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