How To Veil It With W Collective

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen my first venture into IGTV a few weeks ago. If not, I've decided to share it here today, with product links if you'd like to check out any particular styles from the video. I styled 5 different, alternative veils with 5 bridal looks - I hope you find one you like!

Look 1: Star Crossed Veil in Holographic Silver

Look 2: Statement Bow (not yet online - DM for info)

Look 3: Gold Trim Drop Veil

Look 4: Champagne Constellation Veil & Gold Glitter Constellation Veil

Look 5: Champagne Sparkle Veil

Which look is your favourite? I really enjoyed getting dressed up in my wedding outfits for this one - anything to pass the time during the lockdown! I'd love to shoot more IGTV in the future, so let me know what you'd like to see.

XO, Jess

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