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Friends of W Collective: Liam Price Music

Weddings have a funny way of reconnecting you with your past. I remember looking for a band or musician for our evening music, who wasn't cringey and wasn't just gonna sing cliche wedding party tunes or do any forced fun, audience participation type of stuff. I remember thinking 'Liam who I used to work with has a good voice - is he doing gigs?'. I worked with Liam at my first job at a shop some of you may remember called Republic. We used to have such a laugh, and many a wild Christmas do, and it was honestly some of the best years of my life. We both used to go to the greebo Wolverhampton clubs like Planet and Canal Club, where Liam had also met my husband (way before he was even my boyfriend) on nights out. I was 16 when I got that job, so it's coming up to 14 years since I was there - how scary is that! I dropped Liam a message, and he got back straight away, no fuss, no faff, I just told him the song for our first dance and left the rest up to him.

So many of our guests loved the set Liam did; some classics mixed with some old emo Planet tunes, along with our first dance which was Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. The acoustic arrangement he did was just stunning. He's since kindly asked us to feature in a promo music video for him, where we got to put on our wedding gear and play bride and groom again for the day - what's not to love?

If you follow Liam's social media you'll also see he's recently formed 'The Wolfpack Howlers', who sing Wolves football chants in perfect harmony, much to the joy of my football mad, Wolverhampton Wanderers season ticket holding family.

He's not just for weddings either! For any entertainment event he's your man - check out his band too! Thank you Liam for coming along and being part of our special day - you're a true gent with a bostin' voice. Liam is currently working for the West Midlands Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus pandemic, but please keep him in mind for your events once all this chaos is over.

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