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Friends of W Collective: Florence Fox

Hello again! I hope you are enjoying my fave wedding supplier recommendations so far. Today I'd like to share my wedding photographer with you. We actually met Florence at Walcot Hall wedding fair, and really loved her natural, unposed and relaxed photographic style. She had also photographed at our wedding venue, Delbury Hall, so we knew she knew the venue well and we trusted her judgment in terms of locations for shots on the day. We met a few weeks before the actual wedding to do our 'warm-up' shoot, chatting away and getting used to being in front of the camera. It helped us to feel at ease and prepped us for the big day. One thing I really liked about Florence was her keen sense of organisation. She sent us a Q&A before the wedding, asking which group shots we wanted to do, what specific things she needed to make sure she captured and asking who's who, so we felt like she already knew our wedding party. It also meant we didn't spend ages organising group photos on the day, we did a few family & friend shots, then the rest were all natural, documentary style pics.

On the day it was like having a friend around, Florence effortlessly chatted to us and our guests, snapped away and captured some truly organic moments - some of the photos I don't actually remember her taking! Later in the evening she stole us away to a wheat field she'd found, where the golden hour light was glorious and we got some truly magical shots. I really appreciated that moment as it gave us a few minutes to reflect on a chaotic day, and have a little breather before going back in for the evening celebrations. I loved looking back on the photos, especially to see my husband and the groomsmen getting ready, people waiting in the church and our guests having their reception drinks as we went for a drive in a drop top Beetle - all the bits I didn't get to be involved with on the day - it was very insightful and fun to see! My fave shots were of my nephew, who was 3 at the time, helping put fortune cookies into a jar. Florence actually pulled together a preview the day after our wedding, which we looked at with my Mom whilst having a Chinese and making sure we were ready to fly to Mexico for our Honeymoon the next day.

We were blessed with a gorgeous summer's day in July. I honestly thought it would rain, but the sun shone all day and set so late in the evening. We couldn't have hoped for better. Florence captured the essence of our day, of us and our guests perfectly. She has now branched into family & brand photography too, so whatever your needs, check her out!

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