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Friends of W Collective: Blooms of Bridgnorth

Hello again! I hope your week is going well and that you are healthy and safe if you are social distancing, self isolating or shielding. Today I wanted to share with you a Shropshire florist who has become my go-to flower guy, Blooms of Bridgnorth. My mom worked with Will's mum many moons ago, and recommended Will to me when my original wedding florist let me down just weeks before the big day. I have a really vivid memory of sitting in Telford McDonalds frantically emailing Will inspo pics and my grand floral plans, and he managed to pull everything together perfectly, even at such short notice. Will has such an eye for floral design, so I always trust his judgment. He doesn't need much direction, and is very good at interpreting my vague ideas. I usually go in and say 'you know, something boho with foliage and some pink things', and voila! He comes up with floral perfection.

Will created a stunning floral arch over the church, along with a huge pedestal and pew ends, my protea bouquet and 5 bridesmaid bouquets. Oops - I forgot the buttonholes too! I adored the flowers and tried to keep as many as I could, which was pretty depressing when I came back after honeymoon and they were all dead - I STILL didn't throw them away for weeks like Ms. Havisham mourning her wedding. I divided up the pedestal and took bouquets to my grandparent's graves the evening after our wedding. I was exhausted from the day before, and had been packing to fly to Mexico the next day, but it was something I had to do to make me feel like they'd been involved and knew about my wedding day.

I've been back many times, for Mother's Days, photoshoots, and well, mostly, just for me (there's something really empowering about buying yourself flowers - it's a big act of self love!). Will's lovely Bridgnorth shop is currently closed due to Coronavirus, but he is still doing deliveries and funeral arrangements. If you are getting married in Shropshire in a post-Coronavirus world (I wonder when that will be?) be sure to check out Blooms for all your floral needs.

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