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A.P.E: All Pink Everything

It's been a mantra of mine for as long as I can remember. Not to brag, but I have always loved pink, way before it was millennial pink. I love the femininity of pink, it is fun, young, innocent yet empowering all at the same time. Pink was the theme for this 80's inspired photoshoot shot, we wanted to serve up some Toddlers & Tiaras prom queen realness with layers of ruffled tulle in every shade of pink on the spectrum. I always have the most fun working with Hannah, who owns the Giraffe Shed AND Rocksalt Photography, she is the ultimate girl boss and she makes my wild visions to come life every time. This shoot was all about having fun, for no reason in particular other than to get some dope content and let the whole team flex their creative muscles. Jenny & Beth from Hair Comes The Bride came along to primp us with some retro inspired tresses, and Collette Bailey made us feel like 80's synth pop princesses with neon pops of eye shadow and well defined cheekbones. I decided to model for this one (I'm cheaper than Naomi Campbell, more reliable and slightly less of a diva) and you will probably recognise the lovely Rosie from many a W Collective shoot - she's definitely the OG face of W Collective and one I always love to work with. It was so much fun to pose alongside a bestie, although there were many fits of giggles.

My double dip dyed pink ombre veil took centre stage for these shots, I layered the fingertip length veil over the longer, chapel length veil for double the effect. I love how this veil fades from peach to a more vivid pink, it definitely pops and is ideal for an alternative bridal look. I pulled together some gold and silver millinery net into extravagant bows with a birdcage effect veil covering the face for a real 1980's wedding veil look. I know we think the 80's was, perhaps a little bit naff in terms of wedding styling, but I love the more is more approach to accessorising to really make a statement. My pink tulle ruffle collar found another use, after also being used as a headband in previous shoots, we tied them around me to make a ruffled tulle top which left me feeling a little bit like the good witch, Glinda from the Wizard of Oz. I adore working with frothy, fun tulle. It is whimsical and ethereal and creates an effortlessly couture feel.

We pulled out all the stops with accessories too, from vintage pink shades to OTT earrings, nothing was off limits for this shoot. 'Is this too much?' never had to be asked. The great thing about Hannah is that like me, she is a collector of all things random. I can never throw anything away for fear of 'I might need that one day!', so when we were planning this shoot, it was great for us to both utilise our selection of obscure pink objects (sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?), from pink pineapples to a pink phone, a pink polaroid and a fan covered in pink ribbons, the props were popping up all over the place which gave us so much to work with, and more importantly have fun with.

So next time you're thinking, is this too much pink? Use these shots as a gauge! I am so certain pink is more than just a phase, so long let it reign!

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